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As well as producing new work, PVP provides general management services to other producers, as well as all of its own productions. This could include specific short-term consultation, or management of a whole production, including managing, or negotiating and supervising, services from individual specialists, including:

  • Financial modelling, budgeting, management, payroll management and bookkeeping

  • Operational management, including recruitment or contracting of cast and creatives

  • Managing of research and development time, including dramaturgical support

Whether your production or event requires full management or a pair of eyes to look over things and recommend a route forward, feel free to get in touch at for more information, availability and rates.

PVP also works with a range of freelancers on an ad hoc basis including specialists in fundraising, production management, press and marketing and others, and is always happy to recommend or act as an access point to a range of premier talent in London and beyond.​

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